Uli Jäger

Programme Director
Peace Education & Global Learning
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Uli Jäger is responsible for the peace education activities of the Berghof Foundation. He has been co-director of the Institute for Peace Education, Tübingen e.V. (Institut für Friedenspädagogik, Tübingen e.V. - IFT) since 1986. An experienced workshop facilitator both in Germany and abroad, he has always promoted the international orientation of the Institute for Peace Education. Since 2006, has also become responsible for the educational programme of the international project Peace Counts on Tour. Uli is a member of the advisory boards for the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) and of the peace research group for the churches of Baden-Württemberg. Uli has published, edited and co-edited over 20 books and CD-ROMs. He has an MA in Political Science, Sociology and Educational Science.