Peace Support

Addressing, including and empowering all important stakeholders and actors in constructive conflict transformation are essential components of peace support. Our main expertise lies in facilitating dialogues, negotiation and mediation processes in the transitions from war to peace. We provide capacity-building and technical assistance on National Dialogues, engage with Insider Mediators, provide negotiation support and help to set up peace support structures. Our project outreach is global, as is our growing network of partners. Current activities focus on South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Caucasus Region, the Middle East and parts of Africa.

Partnering and Networking
Effective peace processes depend on constructive engagement of conflicting parties and important stakeholders engaging constructively with each other. While driven by empathy and full respect for local ownership our strategies aim to create supporting spaces as trustworthy settings on different tracks. Together with local and international senior associates and partners, and in close cooperation with motivated funders and like-minded organisations, we seek to influence the framework conditions of particularly complex and protracted political conflicts in a constructive way, and thus to provide practicable support to efforts for peace.

Insider Mediator Gothom Arya, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies at Mahidol University, Bangkok. The Institute is part of our network.