Luxshi Vimalarajah

Programme Director
Dialogue, Mediation & Peace Support Structures
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Luxshi Vimalarajah is both conceptually and practically involved in designing and facilitating dialogue processes and providing training and on-demand support for negotiators, advisors and mediators involved in peace negotiations. Since 2006, Luxshi has managed the annual negotiation meetings, where opposition movements are trained in negotiation skills and negotiation topics. Currently, she is involved in developing a Handbook on National Dialogues for practitioners providing options for the design and the implementation of National Dialogue processes. Together with a local organisation, Luxshi is implementing a comprehensive peace support project in Turkey. Providing mediation support to third-party mediators is a strong pillar of Luxshi´s work, ranging from policy advice to knowledge provision, capacity-building, technical and thematic support. Luxshi represents the Berghof Foundation in the Initiative Mediation Support in Germany, a consortium consisting of 5 German organisations advising the German Foreign Office on issues related to mediation. Luxshi co-manages an action research project with the University of Windsor and the University of Malaysia that investigates the role of insider peace builders in Myanmar, Aceh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Luxshi joined the Berghof Foundation in 2003 and has since served in various capacities. From 2003- 2008 she was responsible for the management of a variety of stakeholder dialogue programmes in Sri Lanka. From 2008 until 2011, she managed a project on Diaspora and Conflict Transformation, which mainly focused on the Tamil and Kurdish diaspora in the UK. In 2012, she helped set-up the National Dialogue Support Programme in Yemen. She was a co-trainer in projects related to gender and peacebuilding in Nepal and has undertaken a number of consultancy assignments for bilateral and multilateral donors on mediation support.

Luxshi holds an MA in Political Science from the Free University in Berlin.