Peace Support

Conflict transformation requires building up the organisational and structural capacities of conflict parties and stakeholders. Establishing peace infrastructure involves the development of mechanisms for cooperation among all relevant stakeholders, including the government, by promoting cooperative problem-solving, and institutionalising a response mechanism to violent conflict. The objective is to assist the parties (e.g. through the provision of knowledge or advice), the process (e.g. through mediation between the conflict parties, mediation support or facilitation of public participation), or the implementation of process results (e.g. through monitoring and support of agreement implementation).

In support of the Cyprus Peace Process, the Security Dialogue Project contributes to the identification of informed, innovative, and viable security options or solutions that could enable all communities in Cyprus to simultaneously feel secure. more >

The project aims to enhance the effectiveness and capacity of key influentials, conflict actors and institutions in Turkey to engage in a sustainable negotiation and peace process.