Middle East & North Africa

Following the Arab Spring, this region has become an area of hope for change and prosperity. Yet it also remains prone to eruptions of violence. Within many Arab countries, reformers disagree on how to steer their agendas towards change. Imbalanced power structures and lacking experience in conflict transformation have led local actors to requesting external support. Based on our work for the national dialogue processes in Lebanon and Yemen, we are now also extending our activities to other Arab societies.

Current Projects

  • Yemen: National Dialogue Process
    The National Dialogue Conference (NDC) and the implementation of its outcomes are the centrepieces of Yemen’s current political transition towards a hopefully stable, peaceful and democratic country. With this project, we aim to strengthen an inclusive and Yemeni-led National Dialogue with technical and process-related support and advice. more > 
  • Lebanon: National Dialogue and Consensus Building
    The Berghof Foundation has been providing technical support to the National Dialogue in Lebanon since 2008. In the second half of 2009, the project helped establish the Common Space Initiative as a mechanism to support and complement the National Dialogue process by focusing on the root causes of the Lebanese conflict. more >

Further Activities

Inclusive Political Dialogue in Jordan: The Berghof Foundation is currently involved in efforts to support and strengthen inclusive political dialogue processes in other Arab countries. In Jordan, we are supporting a small group of experts representing different political, social, regional, age- and gender groups to discuss options and prospects for an inclusive dialogue mechanism in the kingdom.

Syria: We strongly believe that the conflict in Syria can only be solved with a political process of negotiations and dialogue. We therefore provide capacity-building (workshops, seminars, trainings) and strategic advice to a range of Syrian stakeholders from the opposition, civil society and humanitarian groups.

The aim of these activities is to enhance their capacities to play a constructive and efficient role in the peaceful transformation of the Syrian political system and society both in Syria and internationally.

In June 2013, we established the Liaison Office Syria in Berlin. It provides a forum for Syrian civil society actors, Syrian humanitarian and civil associations, initiatives and groups in Germany. It seeks to support these groups in reaching out and engaging in dialogue among each other as well as with policy makers, political parties, institutions, NGOs, foundations, and media networks in Germany. The Liaison Office Syria also collects and disseminates information for newly arriving Syrians in Germany and provides contacts of existing support structures and networks.

Interview with Erik Mohns more >

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From Other Programmes

  • Civic and Nonviolent Education in Jordan more >

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