OSCE Support to Insider Mediation

'Kyrgyz and Uzbek elders in Kara-Suu, Kyrgyzstan. June 26, 2016 (c) Luxshi Vimalarajah

This study explores opportunities for the OSCE to augment its mediation support structure for developing interfaces of mutual support that can strengthen collaboration and complementarity between the OSCE and actors involved in insider mediation processes. To this end, what is presented is a generic conceptual framework and practical considerations for identifying and engaging in insider mediation processes and actors therein (insider mediators).


December 2015 – November 2016

In the last decade, an ‘insider/local turn’ in the field of peacebuilding has exposed blind spots and shortcomings of international peacebuilding interventions. There is strong interest in the local factors promoting and resisting conflict transformation and the contributions/potential from insider peacebuilders and in particular insider mediators. To get a better understanding of the role the OSCE can play in engaging with these actors, this study aims to probe deeply into the potential opportunities and challenges that exist for the OSCE to work in collaboration with insider mediators – and to develop interfaces of mutual support that can maximise complementarity between them. To this aim, the project conducted in-depth case studies in Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine to gather the experience of the OSCE and generate lessons-learned and operational recommendations. In particular, Berghof was asked by the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre to look at three OSCE-supported projects in Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine in order to discern if and how these projects can be seen to be contributing (or have contributed) to insider mediation and the OSCE’s overall mandate to strengthen peace and security.

Commissioned by the Conflict Prevention Centre of the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE), with the generous funding by the German OSCE Chairmanship.

2016 December: Launch event of study in Vienna -

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2016 July: Verification meeting with the OSCE in Vienna -

2016 March-June: Field studies in Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine -

2015 December: Inception meeting with the OSCE in Vienna

  • Mir Mubashir, Engjellushe Morina, Luxshi Vimalarajah: OSCE support to Insider Mediation. Strengthening mediation capacities, networking and complementarity. PDF >
  • OSCE Support to Insider Mediation. KEY CONSIDERATIONS. Strengthening mediation capacities, networking and complementarity. PDF >