Berghof Foundation honoured with Peter-Becker-Award for Peace and Conflict Studies

We have received, with great gratitude, the 2016 Peter-Becker-Award for Peace and Conflict Studies in recognition of our efforts to bring together research and practice for a peaceful transformation of conflicts. Our fellow award winners are the theologian Clemens Ronnefeld; and, in the category for young academics, Dr. Özden Melis Uluğ. The award ceremony took place on 20 January 2017 at the old university hall of Marburg University.

The laudation – written by Prof. Dr. Herbert Wulf, political scientist and recipient of the Peter-Becker-Award 2006 – points in particular to Berghof Foundation’s development and dissemination of practice-orientated methods and approaches, and its support for local peacebuilding processes, which are seen to significantly strengthen peace and conflict transformation processes.

Prof Hans J. Giessmann, one of Berghof Foundation’s Executive Directors, travelled to Marburg to receive the award on behalf of the organisation’s team. In his remarks, he underlined a core principle of our work: “We do not do research on particular conflicts and conflict actors or stakeholders. We do research in partnership with such actors and stakeholders in order to enhance the local capacities for conflict transformation.”

The Peter Becker Award – endowed by the Marburg-based lawyer Peter Becker – is awarded every other year in recognition of work or projects which advance the scientific knowledge base on the emergence, progression and resolution of conflicts and which – through their insights – improve conflict settlement and transformation.