Hala Nouhad Nasreddine

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Hala has been working with the Berghof Foundation – Beirut office since February 2017 as a Project Coordinator. She was in charge of the media component for the project Deepening Intra-Sunni Dialogue in Lebanon and Supporting Dar al-Fatwa in Advancing its Strategies to Address Root Causes of Radicalization.

She is currently working as a project manager in the framework of the project Developing Safety Nets against Polarization of Sunni-Shia Relations with a particular focus on (social) media discourse.

Hala has a Master's in International Affairs and a Bachelor’s in Communication Arts with an emphasis on Journalism from the Lebanese American University (LAU). She previously worked as a Media and Communication Officer at the School of Arts and Sciences at LAU. She’s also a freelance journalist.