Vanessa Prinz

Project Manager
Dialogue, Mediation & Peace Support Structures
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Vanessa Prinz is a Project Manager in the programme Dialogue, Mediation and Peace Support Structures. She came to Berghof in 2012 with the programme on "Non-State Actors in Conflict Transformation", focusing on resistance and liberation movements, as well as regional projects in Sri Lanka, Turkey and South-East Asia. Her current area of work includes both practice-oriented and conceptual projects. Her research interests focus on resistance and liberation movements (RLMs) and transition processes, social structures in RLMs and connections between RLMs and civil society, national dialogues and the role of civil society actors in peace processes. Prior to joining the Berghof Foundation, she worked in the field of asylum research and documentation as a country of origin information (COI) researcher and as a project coordinator at the Austrian Red Cross. Vanessa holds Master's Degrees in Sociology and Communication Studies from the University of Vienna, and an MA in Peace and Security Studies from the University of Hamburg.