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So much money is spent on war. It’s time to invest in peace.

The Berghof Foundation is an independent, non-governmental organisation. For close to 50 years we have brought people together to create space for the transformation of conflicts towards sustainable peace. Learn more about our work.

Last year we worked on nearly 60 projects in regions marred by conflict and crisis.

We are regularly asked to engage in mediation, conduct trainings, or support efforts to build and foster peace around the world.

So far, the Berghof Foundation and its partners have only been able to secure funding for some of these activities. We want to do much more to enable sustainable peace – and with your support, we can.

Your support is an investment in peace.

When you donate to Berghof, you enable us to sustain and expand our work where it is most needed. Whether through a single donation or recurring contribution, your support gives peace a fighting chance.

Donations to the Berghof Foundation Operations gGmbH are tax-deductible in Germany. We will send you a donation receipt by post for any donation above €200. The German tax office will accept your bank statement as proof of donation for amounts up to €200.

Contact: Berit Lusebrink
Tel: +49 (0)30 8441 5448

Berghof Foundation Operations gGmbH
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