Non-State Armed Groups in Security Transition Processes

This collaborative research project aimed to investigate the negotiation and implementation of security-related transitions (i.e. demobilization, decommissioning, (re-)integration of former combatants and post-war transformation of security architectures) within an interdependent process of political and socioeconomic transformation. It was carried out with an inclusive and participatory approach by integrating the perspective and self-analysis of “insider experts” from former insurgency movements in South Africa, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Aceh/Indonesia, Nepal, Sudan, Kosovo, El Salvador and Burundi. The main project outputs were an edited book and a policy report, which were presented at various dissemination events with national, non-governmental and international (e.g. EEAS, UN interagency working group on DDR) agencies.


2009 - 2012


  • Véronique Dudouet, Hans J. Giessmann & Katrin Planta: From Combatants to Peacebuilders. A Case for Inclusive, Participatory and Holistic Security Transitions. 2012. Policy Report . Hardcopy >
  • Véronique Dudouet, Hans J. Giessmann & Katrin Planta (Eds.): Post-War Security Transitions: Participatory Peacebuilding after Asymmetric Conflicts. 2012. London: Routledge. Book >