Culture of Conflict 3.0: Learning spaces and media for young people to deal with internet violence and hatred

The use of internet and smartphone have an extensive impact on the formation of identity in young people. The web is not only a tool for communication, but also the first point of reference for information on current events. Social media confronts children and youth early on with images and reports, that might frighten them. It is difficult to differentiate between opinions and news and between rumours and facts, which allows conspiracy theorists and extremists to instrumentalise media for their cause, stoke fears and even radicalize youth.

The model project Culture of Conflict 3.0 approaches these topics in a dialogue-oriented way: young people are being sensitized to hatred, discrimination and agitation on the web in a participative process and develop strategies, youth-focused approaches and learning media (comic films; app) for dealing with hatred on the web together with the Berghof Foundation team. Using innovative methods, the project strengthens the media- and information competence of young people and supports the development of skills, which enable them to critically consume media. This allows them to participate in an open and democratic discussion culture online. The project will finally design dialogue labs which will be offered for schools and in youth work and which will be conducted by qualified youth (peers) and teachers.