Frequently Asked Questions

Among the most frequently asked questions about the Berghof Handbook are the following:

Although usually a publication that is expanded upon commission or invitation, we also do occasionally take up external submissions. What we need to make an informed decision about a suggested contribution is a concrete suggestion what an author would want to write about, why he/she feels that this is not sufficiently covered within the Handbook yet an important aspect of conflict transformation theory or practice, and a short (1–2 page) outline of a prospective article. Additionally, a writing sample would be very helpful. We are looking for original contributions, so we don’t reprint already published pieces.

On this basis, the co-editors review the yearly publication programme for fit and capacities and let the interested author know as soon as possible. If we are in a position to accept such a proposal, we can pay a small honorarium; and share detailed author's guidelines once it is decided that we will work together.

Our newer articles include a citation. If in doubt, please refer to our citation standards.

Begun in 1999, the Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation has gone through a few transformations itself. When the first articles were launched, back in 2000, there were still both html and pdf versions. We have since decided to publish only pdf files, as most computers can now easily open and download these. In 2004, the core articles of the Handbook were published in a first print edition, for which articles were re-formatted, revised and copyedited. We have also added several new articles. For help with citing from the Handbook, please refer to the citation standards.

Most of the articles contain short authors’ biographies at the very end. Or you can peruse the alphabetical list of authors.

If you cannot find a Berghof publication on this site, chances are that it has been published in one of the other series of Berghof Foundation. Please check out our integrated database for publications, including works of the former Berghof Conflict Research, Berghof Peace Support and Institute of Peace Education (Tübingen).