Introducing Somali peacemakers

Somalia has suffered from ongoing conflict for close to three decades, leaving millions displaced and affected by violence.

The Berghof Foundation supports communities in Somalia in their efforts to solve local conflicts and build peace. We bring people together and encourage dialogue at traditional Somali community assemblies, or “Shirarka”. These events involve representatives from all clans and sub-clans as well as from all segments of society, including women, young people, professionals, elders, poets and religious leaders.

The assemblies strengthen people’s capacity to resolve their own conflicts and motivate them to become active peacemakers in their communities.

Here are some of their stories:

Dahabo Ibrahim Hussein, Beledweyne

Maryama Abdullahi Ali, Jowhar

Hawo Adan Hussein, Beledweyne

Ishamel Geedi Hassan, Jowhar