Beatrix Austin

Senior Coordinator
Berghof Handbook & Publications
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Beatrix Austin (formerly Schmelzle) co-edits and coordinates the Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation. In this capacity, she reviews conflict transformation themes and issues, liaises with authors and partners, and is responsible for overall management. She is also involved in numerous other publication projects and contributes to developing a publication strategy at Berghof Foundation. As a researcher, her interests focus on linking theory and practice in conflict transformation as well as on issues of dealing with the past.

Before coming to Berghof she worked for Search for Common Ground and International Alert, among others. She is a founding member of the Vienna Conflict Management Partners and a member of the training team of the Vienna School of Negotiation. Beatrix graduated with an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and holds a diploma in Political Science/International Relations from the Free University in Berlin. She is (very slowly) pursuing a PhD on peacebuilding and victimization in post-war regions.

Latest Publications:

  • Beatrix Austin & Christine Seifert: 14 Regime Transitions: What have we learned?, in The Elgar Companion on Post-Conflict Transitions, ed. by Hans J. Giessmann, Roger Mac Ginty with B. Austin and C. Seifert. London: Edward Elgar Publishers, 2018.
  • Norbert Ropers: Basics of Dialogue Facilitation, edited by Beatrix Austin, Anna Köhler & Anne Kruck. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. 2017. Link>
  • Beatrix Austin: Dealing with the Past. Supporting people-centred “working through” the legacies of violence. Berghof Policy Brief No. 6. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. 2017. Link>
  • Barbara Unger, Véronique Dudouet, Matteo Dressler & Beatrix Austin (eds.) : “Undeclared Wars” – Exploring a Peacebuilding Approach to Armed Social Violence. Berghof Handbook Dialogue Series No. 12. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. 2016. Link>
  • Beatrix Austin: Die Berghof Foundation. Verständigung und Versöhnung durch Konflikttransformation , in: C. Defrance und U. Pfeil (Hrsg.). Deutschland in Europa nach 1945. Verständigung und Versöhnung nach dem Zivilisationsbruch. Brüssel: Peter Lang Verlag. 2016, 769-791.
  • Beatrix Austin & Martina Fischer (eds.): Transforming War-related Identities. Individual and Social Approaches to Healing and Dealing with the Past. Berghof Handbook Dialogue Series No. 11. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. 2016. Link>
  • Beatrix Austin: Training for Conflict Transformation – An Overview of Approaches, in: Transforming Ethnopolitical Conflict. The Berghof Handbook Vol. II (2nd print version), edited by B. Austin, M. Fischer & H. J. Giessmann. Opladen & Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich Verlag. 2011, 207-236. Link>