40 years of peace education in Tuebingen


Berghof Foundation’s programme „Peace Education and Global Learning“ is looking back at 40 years’ experience of developing, implementing, supporting and reflecting on peace education projects. Four decades after the establishment of the association „Verein für Friedenspädagogik Tübingen e.V., spaces for encounters, learning and conflict transformation are now being systematically created in Germany as well as abroad.

Creating networks of dedicated teachers improves the practice of peace education and strengthens its integration into education systems and education plans. In Germany as well as in countries like Jordan, working on conflict-sensitive refugee work enables an international exchange of experience. Together with local partners, we develop peace education courses in Iran. In Germany, children are visiting the internet platform www.frieden-fragen.de on a daily basis and get information from the team on questions regarding war and peace, violence and conflict.

Over the years, the Georg-Zundel-House in Tübingen has become a renowned meeting place for dialogue, reflection and qualification. International gatherings – such as the “summer school for young peacebuilders” – are enriching the house as much as offers geared towards schools in Germany.

A celebration among friends and colleagues will be held in July 2017 at the Georg Zundel House. 

Kontakt: Berghof Foundation, Programm Friedenspädagogik & Globales Lernen, Corrensstr. 12, 72076 Tübingen, + 49 (7071) 92051-0, info-tuebingen[at]berghof-foundation[dot]org, www.berghof-foundation.org, www.frieden-fragen.de