Berghof Foundation supports peace efforts in Iran


After the settlement in the nuclear issue people in Teheran look hopeful to the future and show a keen interest in international cooperation. Uli Jäger and Anne Romund of the Berghof Foundation sensed this during their project trip to the Iranian capital. It was the second visit within the scope of the project "Peace Counts on Tour". As local partner organisation the Tehran Peace Museum offered workshops with young volunteers of the museum, teaching staff, NGO members as well as with war veterans and victims of chemical weapons of the Iran-Iraq-war. They want to bring the Peace Counts exhibition on peacebuilders, which was previously translated into Persian, also to other Iranian cities. The trained volunteers independently coordinate the events and conduct workshops with further target groups.

In cooperation with Berghof Foundation and Iranian universities the Peace Museum plans to establish a peace academy with its own premises. Regular workshops and dialogue events should create a space for constructive discussions of war and peace. As a pilot project a course on the theory and practice of peace education should be jointly developed.