Berghof Handbook: Change in editorial team


As of April 2018, we have a change of guards, so to speak, at the helm of our Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation. We are welcoming Dr. Véronique Dudouet, head of our Conflict Transformation Research programme, to the editorial team. This signifies, on the other hand, the end of an era: Dr. Martina Fischer, long-time staff member of Berghof and the remaining founding editor of the Berghof Handbook, is leaving the team for new endeavours in peacebuilding and conflict transformation at Bread for the World. The Berghof Handbook, its authors and its editors’ owe Martina Fischer a huge debt of gratitude for her innovative and critical-constructive input over the decades. At the same time, we are looking forward to Véronique’s increased involvement, which formalizes a long-standing informal engagement grown over the years.

Martina Fischer will continue to serve as expert for peacebuilding and conflict transformation with Bread for the World. She has been an active and vocal peace researcher since the 1980s. Until 2016, when she was seconded to Bread for the World, she has been working with the Berghof Foundation in various formative roles (as a Senior Researcher, Deputy and Acting Director of the former Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict management, and as Programme Director South East Europe). From 1998 onwards, she specialised on researching peacebuilding processes in post-war societies and the role of civil society in conflict transformation. She has published widely on these themes, and accompanied several practice projects, for example on reconciliation and dealing with the past in the Balkans. She was member of the board of Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag from October 2011 to October 2017, and continues to support it actively in matters related to peacebuilding politics. She also was a member of the scientific advisory council of the German Peace Research Foundation (DSF), where she served as member of the board (2001-2011) and vice chair of the board (2006-2011).

We wish Martina Fischer all the best, new adventures and bright horizons.