Boarding time for Peace Boat team


How is the current situation for refugees in Greece? What can civil society do to combat the mafia? How does dealing with the past work on the Balkans? These are only some of the questions that a group of peace studies students from Tübingen take with them on their trip to the Mediterranean this week. They want to hear answers directly from local people. For ten days they will cruise the Mediterranean on board the Japanese Peace Boat and will meet people in the ports such as refugee aid workers in Athens, war widows in Dubrovnik, anti-mafia activists in Naples, and peace educators in Barcelona. On board the students will present their experiences in dealing with the past in Germany and open the space for dialogues with Japanese, Iranian and other international passengers. The study trip was prepared in a seminar and will be accompanied by Berghof Foundation in cooperation with the University of Tübingen. After their return the students will report on these impressive encounters and experiences. The reports will be published here.