Colombia: “Ambassadors for Peace” in Public Administration


More than 100 “ambassadors of peace“ contribute to progress of the Colombian public administration in the transition towards peace. After more than 50 years of war the institutional actors and their behavior are key to sustainable peacebuilding.

In the Colombian Department of Norte de Santander “ambassadors of peace” received their certificates now in November 2017. A team consisting of officials from different Secretaries of the Departmental Government of Norte de Santander worked together with the School of Public Administration (Escuela de Administración Pública, ESAP) to hold a training course in conflict transformation, citizen participation and the peace accord. The component Como-Berghof provided advice to this process. The course was designed and implemented in cooperation by the Departmental Government of Norte de Santander, the Agency for Renovation of Territory (Agencia de Renovación del Territorio, ART), and the School for Public Administration in order to strengthen the capacities of public officials from all three participating entities in the area of peacebuilding.

A welcome result was not only the impressive number of graduates but also that the course constituted an opportunity to promote collaboration between the Departmental Government and the aforementioned institutions as well as other stakeholders relevant to the implementation of the peace agreement in the region.

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