Colombia: Toolbox for local dialogue facilitation


How can one best facilitate dialogues at the local level supporting the peace process in Colombia? The Peace Agreement between the Colombian government and the guerrilla movement FARC provides for the establishment of special development programs with a territorial approach (PDET) for regions most affected by the conflict.

To ensure a wider participation in identifying visions and actions for these plans, the newly set up Territorial Renovation Agency (ART) assigned facilitation leaders to design and facilitate multi-actor and multi-level dialogues. To guide their work, a toolbox had been developed by ART with the advice of our team and the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace of the Colombian Government. The toolbox was first shared with all members of the newly created Facilitators’ Network at a reflection and training event on principles and tools of dialogue at the local level that took place in Bogotá on September 15-16.

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