Final CORE Conference and Dissemination Seminar in Brussels


Berghof Foundation colleagues attended the final international conference for the European Union funded project “The Role of Governance in the Resolution of Socioeconomic and Political Conflict in India and Europe (CORE)” in Brussels on December 3, 2013.

The conference and dissemination seminar allowed the project partners from Europe and India to reflect on the extensive knowledge that the project has generated together with EU policymakers and other invited guests, including academics, peace practitioners, and Indian representatives. The project’s implications for research, theory and practice within the field of conflict resolution were discussed and policy recommendations were given. 

This conference marks the official end of the 3-year research project that brought together 5 research teams in India with 5 research teams in Europe to review and critique current approaches to conflict resolution in an attempt to revise and improve both the theoretical and operational sides of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. The case studies under consideration were Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Bihar and Jharkhand, Georgia/Abkhazia, Jammu and Kashmir, and Northeast India.

Berghof publications developed within the framework of the project, include:

  • Samir Kumar Das & Janel B. Galvanek: Learning from Governance Initiatives for Conflict Resolution. 2014. CORE Report. PDF >

  • Janel B. Galvanek, Hans J. Giessmann & Mir Mubashir (Eds.): Norms and Premises of Peace Governance. Occasional Paper No. 32. PDF >

  • Anna Bernhard: The Role of Hybridity and Culture. CORE Report. PDF >

  • Janel B. Galvanek: Local Agency and Everyday Resistance. CORE Report. PDF >