Former Ambassador Boden as guest in Tbilisi and Sukhum/i


How did internationals engage after the Georgian-Abkhaz war in 1993? What room was there for negotiated solutions? What opportunities were there for rapprochement - then and now?

These questions were discussed by former Ambassador Dr. Dieter Boden who participated as our guest in the „Biographical Salon“ in Sukhum/i (Berghof, World Without Violence & Abasa TV) as well as the radio programme „Cross-point“ in Tbilisi (Berghof & Radio Freedom).

In both events the former Head of the OSCE Mission in Georgia (1995/96) and UN Special Representative to the Secretary General in Georgia (1999 to 2002) reflected on the dynamics of escalation, the conduct of negotiations and points of possible convergence between the parties.

The participation of former and currently acting diplomats in our public debates shall enrich the discussion about the genesis of the conflict as well as opportunities for rapprochement.