From the villages in Bajo Cauca to the governor’s office in 24 hours


The two closing events of the pilot project on territorial peacebuilding in Antioquia, Colombia took place on August 26 and 27. Participants from villages in the Bajo Cauca region, the project team from Antioquia’s “Let’s prepare for peace” (PPP) programme and the Berghof Foundation, as well as key actors who had accompanied the effort shared results and lessons learned during the project. While the first closing event took place in the villages of Bamba and Villa Hermosa, the second event was held in the office of Antioquia’s governor Sergio Fajardo in Medellín. A diverse range of actors from the government, civil society, the church, and the international cooperation as well as the governor described the process as innovative and as a potential model for other governments that seek to initiate or support local peacebuilding.

A publication that PPP and the Berghof Foundation have generated in the framework of this project informs other regional governments about the principles and steps involved in such an effort.