High-level guests at Biographical Salon in Sukhum/i


The Biographical Salon has managed to link with the international level! On 4 July Ambassador Antti Turunen, UN representative at the Geneva talks and his Deputy Head of Mission and Senior Political Advisor Hailu Mamo were guests in the Biographical Salon. They shared personal memories from their lives and also their extensive professional experience from many years of working in Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. During the conversation it became clear that both diplomats have a high awareness of how vital adequate memorialization of violent pasts is in the south Caucasian conflict setting, stemming from their own experience and family history.

The event was recorded for Abkhaz television. So television viewers will soon have the opportunity to get to know both experienced diplomats from a personal angle. The present audience took advantage of asking many questions and also made use of the possibility of informal conversation after the recording. Project staff member and head of the Organisation “Mothers of Abkhazia” Guli Kichba said the event  represented “major progress in our joint efforts”.