Keynote lecture on inherited memories in Dhaka and Kolkata


End of August, the Goethe Institute’s project “My Parents’ World” was launched in Kolkata (India) and Dhaka (Bangladesh). To find out about the third generation’s ideas and ‘inherited memories’ on the Partition of Bengal, back in 1947, young people from both - Bangladesh and India - join in this oral history research project.

Andrea Zemskov –Züge (Berghof Foundation)  gave  the keynote lecture at opening conferences in both cities. Entitled “Inherited memories - burden or treasure?”, she  presented various concepts on passing on memories to later generations as well as practical experiences from the Berghof Foundation’s work in the South Caucasus. A main focus of her lecture was on memorial practices, developed by the NGO Mothers of Abkhazia. After the opening of the project, Andrea Zemskov-Züge conducted an interview workshop, together with renowned journalist Nazes Afroz. The project goal is the establishment of an internet site on “ inherited memories” on the partition.

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