Launch of TV programme on “Biographical Salon” in Abkhazia


On 10 February, the TV programme “Biographical Salon” was transmitted on Abkhaz television, for the first time. The Berghof Caucasus Programme had opened the Salon as a space for conflict transformation in Sukhum/i, in July 2015. Since then, the salon has hosted thirteen evening events, with four being also recorded for Television broadcast. To each of these events one guest is invited to share own memories and personal experiences on the history of the Georgian-Abkhaz war in 1992/93. Subsequently, the audience is encouraged to ask questions, discuss and share theirviews. Salon hosts Liana Ebzhnou (Abaza TV) and Mramza Djikirba (World without Violence) moderate the events with empathy and deep understanding.

The television premier is a breakthrough for the project: it expands the audience and makes the discussions and memories, shared in the salon, available to a much wider public in Abkhazia. To reach this goal, the Berghof Foundation cooperated with the private Abkhaz broadcasting company Abaza TV. In preparation of the first broadcast, this clip was shown.

The first broadcast will be repeated on 24 February, the second and third issues will be shown on 9 March and 13 April.

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