Launching Transformative Approaches to Violent Extremism


Berghof Handbook Dialogue No. 13 on Transformative Approaches to Violent Extremism is online! A broad range of experts have been working with us to find new angles onto this much debated subject, and we have been rewarded with a publication full of exciting ideas on better prevention of violent extremism (PVE).

At the link below, you will find both the complete Dialogue issue as well as all individual contributions as PDFs for free download (hardcopies are available for a small charge).

On 14 May, we also had the privilege to organise a launch event in the context of a peer exchange workshop on PVE approaches between the regions of MENA, Western Balkans and Western Europe. A panel hosting lead author Mohammed Abu-Nimer, respondents Anita Ernstorfer and Gjergji Vurmo representing the research team from the Western Balkans, as well as co-editors Hans J. Giessmann and Beatrix Austin kicked off the launch. We discussed the implications of our Dialogue exchange with peers and decision makers, and there was much agreement that de-religionising, de-islamising and de-securitising the discourse on violent extremism were crucial steps in improving the policy and practice of the field.

We are looking forward to continuing the discussion! If you want to add your insights, contact us at handbook[at]berghof-foundation[dot]org.

Furthermore, we gratefully acknowledge funding for this issue of our dialogue series by the German Foreign Office, in the context of their support for our project Preventing Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans.