New Berghof Handbook Article on Peace Education


We are proud to present a new core article in our Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation. From one of our foremost practitioner-experts, Uli Jäger, comes an in-depth assessment of peace education and its role in encouraging and enhancing conflict transformation.

The first part of his contribution develops a basic concept of internationally oriented, context-related and process-oriented peace education with clearly defined target groups. Against this background, the second part presents a comprehensive and practical approach to peace education in crisis and conflict regions, the aim being to promote conflict transformation. In this context, a fundamental distinction is made between direct peace education (encounter, inspiration, training) and structural peace education (pilot projects, curricula, implementation). The context-related interaction between these two basic forms is identified as a promising approach and offered up for discussion. Brief case studies from the practice of peace education are presented for the purpose of illustration. The summary at the end of the paper presents conclusions, unanswered questions and development priorities for researchers, practitioners and policy-makers.

Honouring the long-standing involvement and ground-breaking work of our Peace Education and Global Learning Programme (and its predecessor, the Institute for Peace Education, IfT) in Germany, this article is also available in German - an overdue first in our Handbook.

  • Uli Jäger: Peace Education and Conflict Transformation. Handbook article. PDF >
  • Uli Jäger: Friedenserziehung und Konflikttransformation. Handbook artickle. PDF >