New Handbook Article: Transformative Scenarios Processes


Que sera, sera – whatever will be, will be…” Few would be quite so content simply to let the future arrive without spending a thought. Indeed, futures thinking is rife throughout the fields of economics and politics, and many others. In the shapes of scenario planning, it is also gaining a following among peace activists and conflict transformers. So we, too, were curious what role “stories of the future” can play in transforming conflicts in the present.

In our latest addition to the Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation, Mille Bojer engages this question in light of her decades-long experience as organizer and facilitator of social dialogue and transformative scenarios processes around the world. She draws on work in the Americas, Brazil, Colombia and South Africa, on issues ranging from drug policies across land reform to post-war peace processes to present a transformative approach to scenario planning and dialogue across divides.

With scenario work being in the focus of our own research and practice development over the coming years, we are looking forward to your reactions. We are also planning to present more on the topic in due course.

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