New Report: “Conflict Assessment Report: Hirshabelle State, Somalia”


In the framework of the project “Strengthening Federalism through Conflict Transformation: Community (Re)conciliation and Mediation Support in the Somali State of Hirshabelle” a conflict assessment report has now been published which explains and analyses the concerns and perceptions of Somalis in terms of conflict and reconciliation issues in the areas in which they live. The report focuses on perceptions related to the general security situation, various types of conflicts that exist and their key stakeholders, critical factors that drive conflicts, the current initiatives for managing conflict, and the needs and prerequisites for sustainable reconciliation in Hirshabelle State.
The research was carried out by Berghof Foundation staff with the support of representatives of the Government of Hirshabelle State, Jobkey University and Hiiraan University. The report is available in both English and Somali. Based upon the findings from the report, the project stakeholders in Somalia and Berlin met at a reflection workshop in Djibouti and jointly designed the upcoming mediation support activities, which will be carried out from the beginning of 2018 onwards in the framework of the project.

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