"Organisations under pressure but powering on" – Guide for human rights organisations under threat and donor organisations now online


How can threatened Human Rights organisations (HRO) implement a psychosocial approach in their organisations in order to be better equipped to deal with the impacts that threat has on them? How can donor organisations support them in this?

The publication “Organisations under pressure but powering on – the psychosocial approach within integrated management of threat. A model for human rights organisations and donor organisations” is meant to serve as a guide. It offers a model and elaborates its recommendations for HRO and donor organisations within five fields of action that proved important during a seven-month project called “MAPA”). It specifically looks at how HRO and donors can work together towards achieving integrated management of threat within the organisational context.

The guide draws together lessons and insights from a joint learning process within the framework of the project “MAPA”. Here, the psychosocial approach is understood as a crucial element of managing threat within an organisation in an integrated manner. The project examined how the psychosocial approach can be introduced and incorporated into HROs’ routines, spaces and structures, and which role donor organisations can have to support this. Representatives of nine Human Rights organisations under threat – three each from Mexico, Colombia, and Honduras – and five German donor organisations participated in the project.

The publication is available on our website in English and Spanish.