Our project Streitkultur 3.0 awarded with Phineo-Wirkt-Siegel


On 10 December our project Streitkultur 3.0 (Culture of Conflict 3.0) was awarded the "Wirkt-Siegel" seal by the German non-profit PHINEO. The seal is awarded to non-profits and projects that demonstrate effective social commitment.

In a multi-stage process assessing a total of 120 applications, Streitkultur 3.0 was selected together with 24 other projects for this special recognition.

In its recent Themenreport study, PHINEO honoured projects in Germany that are particularly committed to the society’s inner cohesion. The gap between rich and poor, old and young, east and west, and urban and rural areas is widening continuously in Germany, says Dr. Andreas Rickert, CEO of PHINEO gAG. This drives people apart. It is therefore all the more important not to leave these gaps to right-wing populists and nationalists. Rickert also stressed the joint responsibility of politics, the economy and civil society.

Streitkultur 3.0 focuses on democratic and non-violent coexistence on the internet. The project developed a learning app and a total of five training modules, known as dialogue labs. These enable and sensitise young people to deal with anti-democratic phenomena online and encourage them to perceive the internet as a positive space for action. The dialogue labs address disinformation, hatred and agitation, bots and algorithms, responsibility, and commitment on the internet. 

In 2019, a total of 27 dialogue labs with students were conducted throughout Germany. Both the app and the training modules were tested and continuously improved on the basis of feedback from the participants. The app launched in December and is now available under "Streitkultur 3.0" in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.