Peace Counts Goes Caucasus


In Abkhazia, one target group is the mothers who lost their sons during the war in 1992/93. Here, participants study the Peace Counts exhibition and consider their own visions of peace.

In July, two Peace Counts workshop series started in Abkhazia and in Georgia. It brought together teachers, university lecturers, civil society activists and young people to learn about peace activists’ work from around the globe and to become members of the worldwide Peace Counts community. With Peace Counts, they have the chance to consider possibilities for regaining peace, de-escalating conflict and establishing freer and more just societies, while taking their own experience into account. In November, all three sides will meet in a Georgian-Abkhaz-South Ossetian workshop in Yerevan to share their experiences with Peace Counts. As in our trilateral Peace Counts workshop in October 2013, the Peace Counts reporting and the participating trainers’ work practice will be the focus of our work.