Peace Counts School in Essen


On May 8th 2015, 70 years after the end of World War II in Europe, the exhibition "Peace Counts - Peacebuilders Around the World" had its ceremonious opening at Marktkirche, Essen. The exhibition shows people who engage for non-violence in conflict regions.

The week before students from ten schools participated in workshops twice a day. In this "Peace Counts School" project young people have the chance to slip into the role of the peacebuilders portrayed in the exhibition. Stefanie Rücker, Nadine Ritzi and Dagmar Nolden (Programme "Peace Education and Global Learning") facilitated the workshops where the students developed their own vision of peace.

Some of the students were refugees coming from the regions shown in the exhibition. A young man who fled Afghanistan three years ago, said: "I really like, that the exhibition shows good things from Afghanistan. Usually in Germany we only hear bad things about my country." Programme director Uli Jäger gave a speech at the inauguration and Uli Reinhard - a journalist from our partner agency Zeitenspiegel - gave a lecture on peace journalism.

"Peace Counts School" offers schools in Germany the opportunity to rent the exhibition and conducting workshops for students.

The exhibition in Essen is open for public until May 15th 2015.