Policy Report “Democratization in Turkey”


Written in the scope of our project on “Supporting Democracy Building Measures across Turkey”, the policy report Democratization in Turkey – Policy Implications and Support Options addresses two central questions with regard to democratization and the resolution of the Kurdish question in Turkey. Firstly, it highlights the present context within which current attempts for democratization and the resolution of the Kurdish question in Turkey are taking place and, secondly, it addresses the question how the democratization process can be supported. The report covers current developments in Turkey under the Justice and Development Party, the present status of the peace process and Peace Support Infrastructures, as well as Turkey’s foreign policy and status of EU accession talks. Drafted as an opinion-based paper, the report reflects the various opinions that exist within the political landscape in Turkey, especially those regarding the key challenges affecting the “peace process”. It primarily attempts to enhance the understanding of policy makers by depicting a highly complex, and sometimes contradictory, picture of the present political panorama. Offering recommendations to German and EU policy makers and institutions supporting those on the ground working for a fundamental reform of the current political system, the report concludes by emphasizing possibilities for new relationships and constructive engagement for a peaceful democratic trajectory in Turkey. The resolution of the Kurdish question is pivotal in this journey; however, it will need to be embedded in a holistic democratic transformation of the political, judiciary and security system which not only includes individual freedom, but also provides security and rights for other minorities.

Özgür Sevgi Goral & Luxshi Vimalarajah: Democratization in Turkey. Policy Implications and Support Options. Policy Report. PDF >