Roundtable on the potential role of the EU in a post-settlement Cyprus


Experts from academia and civil society gathered for a roundtable event on The Role and Contribution of the European Union in a Post-Settlement Cyprus: Multi-Dimensional Support for Implementation, in Berlin on 14 March. The event was hosted by Berghof Foundation together with its Cypriot partner organization SeeD. In the framework of the Security Dialogue Project, the half-day gathering aimed at opening a space for highlighting, developing and exchanging on recommendations for EU support to post-settlement implementation in Cyprus.

Based on research findings and results of a public polling conducted in both Cypriot communities, experts discussed how to best cope with key local concerns, interests and needs in an EU-supported Cypriot security architecture. Two months after the last round of peace talks in Geneva, the findings of the Security Dialogue Project will at a later stage be presented to key influentials of both communities as well as international stakeholders in Cyprus.