„Schools without Violence!“…


... was the slogan of the two summer camps for girls and boys last month in Amman. Around 70 students and teachers from 12 different schools learned through interactive methods how they stand up against violence in their schools. At the experimental garden at the Theodor Schneller School the students strengthened their self-confidence and team spirit. During a football match they set up their own fair-play rules. In interactive role plays they also learned how to be a peer mediator and how they can help solving conflicts at their school yards. The teachers received materials and information on how they can implement peer mediation programmes in their schools.

These events were carried out by a German-Jordanian expert team of the Berghof Foundation (Programme Peace Education and Global Learning) in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Education. These summer camps were of particular importance for the Ministry due to the fact, that this was the first activity of its type where public and private schools interacted with each other. Beside new friendships between students from different schools, an important result was the inspiring exchange of new ideas, methods and perspectives among the teaching staff.

Following this successful pilot project, the programme for schools without violence will be carried out next year in many other Jordanian schools.