Workshop with UNDP in Kenya


As part of our new cooperation with UNDP, a Berghof Foundation team consisting of its Executive Director Hans J. Giessmann, Programme Director Véronique Dudouet and Project Manager Katrin Planta, facilitated a workshop from 3–5 June 2014 with the UNDP Bureau for Conflict Prevention and Recovery (BCPR), UNDP country officers and other UN staff in Naivasha, Kenya.

The meeting brought together relevant field experience and insights from UNDP staff and other practitioners with a specific focus on sharing examples of good practices and lessons learned from armed or banned groups who are successfully transitioning in peaceful political processes. The meeting identified strategies and approaches that have been developed by UNDP or other practitioners to support armed or banned groups in making this transition to peaceful political engagement; and identified ongoing concrete policy, knowledge or support needs of UNDP country offices and/or national partners in this area of work.