Peace Counts Goes Caucasus

The training programme Peace Counts on Tour includes peacebuilding accounts and approaches from over 30 different conflict regions across the world. These international cases are being integrated into the educational work of the Young Facilitators Groups. With the Abkhaz-Georgian-South Ossetian workshop in October 2013, the concept was introduced to members of the Young Facilitators, young multipliers and teachers. Learning and seeking inspiration from other conflict regions has long been a conceptual element in our dialogue work. With "Peace Counts goes Caucasus", international expertise paves the way for inspiring discussions within Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Georgia regarding the nature of conflicts and the potential for peace-related work.


2013 - 2015

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Peace Counts on Tour Project


  • World Without Violence NGO, Sukhum/i
  • Movement of Abkhaz Mothers for Peace and Development
  • Agency for Social & Economic & Cultural Development, Tskhinval/i
  • Peace Development Center, Tbilisi
  • Young Facilitators Group - Abkhaz Section
  • Young Facilitators Group - Georgian Section
  • Young Facilitators Group - South Ossetian Section


  • German Foreign Office

Local Peace Counts Workshops

In July 2014, two series of Peace Counts workshops, facilitated by teams of local trainers, started in Abkhazia and Georgia.  The training brought together teachers, university lecturers, civil society activists and young people to learn about peace activists’ work from around the globe. During the Peace Counts workshops, participants had the opportunity to consider possibilities for regaining peace, de-escalating conflict and establishing freer and more just societies, while taking their own experience into account.

“Peace Counts on tour – how to be a peacebuilder” Training of Trainers in Yerevan, Armenia

This Peace Counts training of trainers was an opportunity for civil society activists from Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia to exchange their visions of a peaceful future and to reflect upon their own potential as peacebuilders. The training revolved around stories about good practice in peacebuilding from around the world. In discussions about foreign conflicts, such as those in Israel-Palestine, Rwanda or Nigeriam, and their respective peacebuilding efforts, participants  were invited to consider their own situations and possible solutions.

The training was conducted October 17-20, 2013 and facilitated by Anne Romund, Dr. Andrea Zemskov-Züge and Dr. Oliver Wolleh. It is part of a long-term dialogue process in the Caucasus that the Berghof Foundation has been engaged in for many years. Peace Counts on Tour 2013 was funded by the Federal Foreign Office through its funding programme zivik.