Study visit of Georgian students

From 30 September to 4 October Berghof Foundation´s Programme Director for Caucasus, Oliver Wolleh facilitated a study tour of nine Georgian students to the South and North of Cyprus. The visit was organised by Mariam Naneishvili (Georgian Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs) and Shota Shvelidze (Georgian sectionm, Young Facilitators Group). The group had meetings with politicians, academics, civil society representatives and lawyers to gain insights into the political situation on both sides of the Cyprus conflict divide. The group also met with UN representatives dealing with the issue of “Missing persons” - an issue that is also present in the Caucasus.

It is the second year that the Berghof Foundations together with members of Berghof´s Young Facilitators Group cooperate with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. The purpose of the project is to sensitise Georgian students to the dynamics and challenges of protracted conflicts and long term-divisions of conflicting societies.