Resistance/Liberation Movements and Transitions to Politics

This participatory research project aimed to gather, analyse and make available the experience of armed resistance/liberation movements (RLMs) who had engaged in conflict transformation processes to acquire political power in post-war societies. It did so by connecting people with such experience in a network to exchange information and peer advice and by disseminating the results of their engagement both as academic analysis and policy advice.

The first project phase documented the experience of six former groups by assisting local research teams (made up of leading group veterans, in some cases assisted by a local researcher) in producing a case study of their movement’s past military and political engagement. The second phase aimed to facilitate peer advice between these representatives and members of other armed groups currently considering or undergoing similar transformation processes. The general lessons the network gathered were also disseminated throughout the research community and policy-makers in the fields of peacemaking and peacebuilding.

2006 - 2009


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  • Véronique Dudouet: من الحرب إلى السياسة: حركات المقاومة والتحرير في طور الانتقال. 2009. Report No. 17. PDF >
  • All publications from the Transitions Series  >