Conceptual Development

Research and practice need to go hand in hand and inform one another. Our practical work in this programme is complemented by research to conceptualise, create new knowledge and inform policy-making on inclusive formats for dialogue, mediation, negotiation and infrastructures for peace. The current foci of this programme component are National Dialogues and Insider Peacebuilders/Mediators.

Over the last decade, the concept of National Dialogue has gained much popularity among conflict stakeholders, civil society and peacebuilding practitioners as an inclusive and participatory tool for conflict transformation. Still, there is barely any comparative and practice-oriented literature on this topic. The ‘National Dialogue Handbook. A Guide for Practitioners’ seeks to address this gap. more >

Youth as peacebuilder’ is a theme that in recent times keep resounding in international and local peacebuilding agendas. To get a sense of this ‘youth space’ of mediation and dialogue, this study aims to gather evidence of the contribution and participation of youth in mediation-, dialogue- and peace- processes. The study will form the basis for rationalising further research and praxis on the topic. more >

This study explores opportunities for the OSCE to augment its mediation support structure for developing interfaces of mutual support that can strengthen collaboration and complementarity between the OSCE and actors involved in insider mediation processes. more >

This three-year research project examines alternative forms of governance and insider peacebuilders in societies transitioning from war to peace. Case studies include Nepal, Aceh/Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka. Guided by the question whether alternative forms of governance can be effective in the pursuit of accountability - especially in authoritarian, illiberal, weak forms of state in South and South-East Asia - this project aims to identify such forms of governance.  more >

Religious and traditional actors are increasingly recognised as peacemakers and peacebuilders in many conflicts around the world. To better understand these actors, Berghof Foundation is conceptualising them as a specific sub-set of insider mediators for whom values and practices of religion, faith, spirituality, culture and tradition serve as guidance for their efforts towards conflict transformation. more >