Mediation Support

Collaborative support for mediation processes, mediators, and mediation-teams can contribute to the improvement of the conditions for long-term and sustainable peace. Our mediation support activities provide operational support for learning processes and assist the processing and dissemination of knowledge. They contribute to empowerment and development of competencies through workshops, trainings and coaching on methodology and practical mediation skills, and by offering support and advice on the setup or development of sustainable support structures, including the establishment of mediation at the political level. Our mediation support function is reinforced by our engagement in related networks like the Mediation Support Network (MSN) or the Initiative Mediation Support Germany. Additionally, we are active in constant conceptual innovation of dialogue and mediation formats.

These roundtables offer decision-makers and experts an informal platform to discuss topical challenges and innovations in the field of mediation and mediation support and develop policy recommendations. The Roundtables are attended by parliamentarians, staff members of relevant ministries, especially the Foreign Office, as well as renowned experts. To ensure a lively and open discussion, the Roundtables are held under the Chatham House Rule. more >