Encounter ashore and on sea

"When we went on board 10 days ago we were friendly to each other; but we are leaving the ship as friends", describes one of the participants the encounter between students of the institute for political science of the University of Tübingen and volunteers of the Teheran Peace Museum, Iran on board of the Peace Boat. By the cruiser "Peace Boat", of the eponymous Japanese NGO, both groups jointly traveled from Athens over Venice, Dubrovnik, Kotor and Palermo to Marseille.

As part of the peace educational and cultural programme aboard and in the harbours, the young adults discussed with representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organisations the Greek crisis, the situation of refugees or means of civil resistance against the mafia. They visited former war zones and extended their theoretical knowledge on the war in Ex-Yugoslavia by talking to time witnesses and representatives of civil society organisations, government institutions and the ICTY. The presentation on dealing with the past in Germany by Tübingen students was met with great interest by the Iranian and Japanese fellow passengers.

The study trip is organised every two years by staff members of the programme Peace Education & Global Learning of Berghof Foundation in cooperation with the Institute for Political Science of Tübingen University and Peace Boat.