Janel B. Galvanek

Head of Unit 
Sub-Saharan Africa Unit
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Janel B. Galvanek is the Head of the Sub-Saharan Africa Unit. For the past five years, Janel has led the Berghof Foundation’s projects in Somalia, which support mediation and dialogue initiatives among local communities in Hirshabelle and Galmudug States. Janel’s professional focus includes insider mediation and infrastructures for peace, engaging local actors in conflict transformation processes, the interaction between formal conflict resolution mechanisms and traditional conflict resolution mechanisms, and the global phenomenon of child soldiers.

She has done extensive research in Liberia and has managed dialogue projects involving the High Peace Council and Ulema Council of Afghanistan. On a volunteer basis, Janel is the director of Growing Tree Liberia, an NGO based in Germany that supports programs for disadvantaged children in Liberia. She holds a Master’s degree in Peace Research and Security Policy from Hamburg University and an MA from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Recent Publications:

  •  Galvanek, Janel B. and Katrin Planta. 2017. “Peaceful Coexistence? – “Traditional” and “Non-traditional” Conflict Resolution Mechanisms”. Berghof Paper. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. PDF >
  • Galvanek, Janel B. 2016. “Pragmatism and Mistrust: The Interaction of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Liberia.” Liberia Case Study Report. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. PDF >
  • Galvanek, Janel B. and Hans J. Giessmann. 2016. “Everyday resistance to conflict resolution measures and opportunities for systemic conflict transformation.” In Cultures of Governance and Peace: A Comparison of EU and Indian Theoretical and Policy Approaches, eds. J. Peter Burgess, Oliver P. Richmond and Ranabir Samaddar. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
  • Galvanek, Janel B. and Samir Kumar Das. 2014. “Learning from Governance Initiatives for Conflict Resolution”. Berghof Paper. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. PDF >
  • Galvanek, Janel B. 2013. “Translation of Peacebuilding Rationalities into Practice and its Effects: Local Agency and Everyday Resistance”. Berghof Paper. Berlin: Berghof Foundation. PDF >