Opening of the exhibition “Living History” in Tbilisi

On 10 December, Caucasus programme director, Mr. Oliver Wolleh, together with the German Ambassador in Georgia, Mr. Ortwin Hennig, opened the exhibition “Living History” at the Europe House in Tbilisi.

The exhibition shows individual memories of war and reconciliation in Abkhazia, Georgia, South Ossetia and Nagorny Karabakh. It is a result of our work on history, memory and identity, in the framework of the Berghof project “From Trialogue to sustainable Dialogue”, financed by the German Foreign Office.

In his speech Oliver Wolleh pointed out that the wars of the early 1990s have changed the political, social and emotional fabric of Georgia in a profound way. “The time has come for Georgians to reflect also about their responsibilities for what happened in the wars in the early 1990s” he stated. Ambassador Hennig highlighted that understanding history is an “open-ended process” that requires constant reassessment. Additional speakers were Tinatin Asatiani (local Georgian project coordinator), Vladimir Doborjginidze (Molodino Foundation for relatives of ‚missing persons‘) and Rusudan Marshania (NGO “Face to Face”).

Especially guided groups of war veterans (ex-combatants from 1992-1993 and 2008 wars), IDPs from Abkhazia, journalists and students visited the exhibition. 

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