Youth Action on Memory in Abkhazia

With this project, which is being implemented in all regions of Abkhazia, we are complementing our approach to history, memory and identity in the Caucasus. What challenges do young people face in Gagra, Suchum/i, Tkuarchal/i and Gal/i? How does the youth in the West of Abkhazia differ from the Georgian youth in the East? How can the relationship between the Abkhazians and Georgian Megrelians be improved? The question of the importance of history and culture is the focus of the numerous initiatives that young people are developing together. Joint public events and media appearances also involve large parts of the Abkhazian population.

Individual Projects

Youth Action on Memory in Abkhazia – The Georgian-Migrelian-Abkhazian Youth Initiatives (2016)

Youth Action on Memory in Abkhazia – The enhanced Georgian-Migrelian-Abkhazian Youth Initiatives (2017)


2016, 2017, 2018

For a past-based Georgian-Abkhazian rapprochement process, the ethnic Georgian population (Migrels) living in Abkhazia today play a "key role". Firstly, this population group did not participate in the Georgian-Abkhazian war in 1992/93, and secondly it has a complex understanding of the past.

The aim of the approach is to broaden and enrich the perspective on past and history through an intra-Abkhazian cooperation process between members of Georgian-born Gal/i and Ochamchira youth and Abkhazian youth from other regions within Abkhazia.

The "tandem teams" we supervise develop their own history and remembrance initiatives and implement history-related public events in all regions of Abkhazia. This is intended to create a bridge between Abkhazian and Georgian youth within Abkhazia, which could in the long term contribute to Abkhazian-Georgian reconciliation.


  • Avantgarde, Gal/i
  • Abasa TV


The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Tandem initiatives to remember

Since 2016, 24 initiatives on history and memory have been implemented by the tandem teams. The mixed teams with young people from all regions implement their public events with the involvement of the population.


In 2016 and 2017, major exhibitions were held in Sukhum/i in December, during which the various initiatives presented themselves in their entirety to the public.

Public discussion

All tandem initiatives are aimed at public events anyway. Since 2016, these discussions have increasingly focused on the question of how living together in Abkhazia can be improved among the different population groups.

Movie documentation

In 2016, a film team from the largest Abkhazian television broadcaster "Abasa TV" accompanied the work of the tandem initiatives for a year. The film will be broadcast in February 2018 in Abasa TV.