Strengthening Community Safety in Yemen

The Berghof Foundation in partnership with the Political Development Forum Yemen (PDF) works towards strengthening community safety in Yemen. This project aims to enhance dialogue on, and understanding of, community safety in Yemen. It offers training and capacity building in the areas of community policing and community safety with the local police, community and judiciary structures. The project focuses on the local level, the main target groups being police and community structures. It is implemented in cooperation with local authorities at the municipal level.

Four pilot districts in four cities will be selected for the implementation of training, capacity-building and local dialogue activities. Small pilot activities will be developed in consultation with local community and police structures to enhance community safety at the local level in the four districts. The initiative is implemented with support from the European Union.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the stabilization of the country through improved inclusive local security and community safety approaches. 

The project has three specific objectives:

  • Initiating and supporting a Yemeni-led inclusive discussion on community safety principles, frameworks and concepts in four cities, and subsequently at the national level.

  • Strengthening capacities of key local security providers and selected community representatives to know about, assess, and plan for different options of inclusive community safety approaches, including the capacity to train security providers (judiciary, law enforcement) and community representatives.

  • Developing an information and coordination strategy – in cooperation with the EU Delegation to Yemen and other interested parties – to ensure that the Yemeni government(s) and other potential donors are informed about and encouraged to follow-up and strengthen inclusive local security (i.e. community safety) concepts in the future.

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This project is funded by the European Union.