Transformative Peace Education

From Conflict to Dialogue in Theory and Practice

Around the world violent conflicts, populism, racism and anti-democratic forces are on the rise and conflicts are often dealt with through violent means in everyday life. This poses new challenges not only to practitioners seeking to diffuse these tensions, but also to those responsible for projects and programmes. Peace education methods and techniques can help counter those trends. Whether in Germany or abroad, peace education approaches can be applied within different contexts. It provides methods to transform the potential for conflict and violence towards sustainable peace. With its systemic orientation, transformative peace education addresses both individual people as well as social structures and systems.

The online course "Transformative Peace Education: From Conflict to Dialogue in Theory and Practice" provides theoretical basics informed by current issues as well as insights into proven methods from the Berghof Foundation’s peace education practice in Germany and abroad. Components of the training include:

  • Theoretical basics and state of the art of peace education
  • Case studies of various practical approaches
  • Interactive learning methods for practical application by participants
  • Joint reflection on experiences and results

Information at a glance

The Berghof Foundation offers the online course "Transformative Peace Education: From Conflict to Dialogue in Theory and Practice". In addition to the online components, the training also includes self-study and reflection sessions.

Date: 21-23 & 29-31 October 2020

Instructors: Prof. Uli Jäger and Dagmar Nolden, Berghof Foundation.

Venue: online

Costs: 750 EUR for freelancers, self-employed or private persons; 900 EUR for organisations/staff members of organisations

Registration Deadline: 7 October 2020

Why the Berghof Foundation?

The Berghof Foundation has almost fifty years of experience in supporting conflict transformation processes around the world, including peace mediation and mediation support. Drawing on this extensive experience, the course has been designed to immerse participants in the various dynamics of complex multi-party peace mediations. The Berghof Foundation's long-standing activities have resulted in numerous cooperations and specialist networks at the national and international level.

This training is designed for professionals working at NGOs, foundations, ministries and funding agencies, as well as interested educators in Germany and abroad. Lectures by experts will alternate with interactive units that delve into formats and methods while providing space for reflection and exchange. The training language is English.

"Transformative Peace Education: From Conflict to Dialogue in Theory and Practice" offers the opportunity to learn about peace education on both the theoretical and practical level. You will gain the ability to implement subject-specific knowledge and skills within various contexts. This includes:

  • Broadening your knowledge on peace education from basic terms to state-of-the-art approaches
  • Raising awareness for different types of violence
  • Deepening your understanding for conflict analysis and constructive handling of conflicts
  • Strengthening of dialogue skills
  • Fostering capacities for target group-oriented and age-appropriate knowledge transfer of peace and conflict skills
  • Sharing inspiring and innovative proven methods for dealing with current challenges
  • Gaining insights into participatory reflection of results

Registration Deadline: 7 October 2020

To register for the online course “Transformative Peace Education. From Conflict to Dialogue in Theory and Practice” from 21-23 & 29-31 October 2020, please fill in the registration form by the registration deadline on 7 October 2020 at the latest. For further information, please contact:

Dagmar Nolden, trainings[at]berghof-foundation[dot]org

Tel.: +49 (0)7071 92051 10

You will receive the payment details with the confirmation e-mail upon reception of your registration. Registration will be effective once the full payment has been confirmed.

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